To celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic football boots ever, adidas created fourteen brand-new Predator boots. To show that the Predator boots allows instinct to take over, we literally put next-generation footballers eye to eye with the world’s most dangerous animals.

Eye to eye

Each boot is connected to a specific predator. Using Cinema 4D, After Effects, Zbrush and Octane, we developed 14 photorealistic 3D animated eyes as the basis of the experience.

The audio for each eye was custom designed. The realistic growling, breathing and hissing really makes you feel like you are just an inch away from the animal.

Exploring the boots

Each eye is an interactive gateway to a different boot. Upon entering the eye, each boot is animated in such a way that it seems to float in the space. We used high-resolution photography (and no 3D renders) to represent the boots as realistically as possible. By navigating various angles, users can learn more about all its unique features and watch video clips of the boot and its spokesperson, Mesut Özil.

Flash of instinct

Upon making the transition from each eye to a boot, we see a ‘flash of instinct’. This is a quick sequence of action shots of footballers combined with footage of hunting predators. Each flash is custom made for that specific predator.

The predator worlds

We used the unique colours and patterns of each boot to design a specific world around it. This further enhanced the unique character of each Predator boot within the range.


For mobile users, we developed a custom experience with a touch-friendly user interface and simplified interaction design.

Online campaign

We used the 3D eyes as engaging banners and full page takeovers on the biggest international e-retailer websites, peering at users as they scrolled by.

Other campaign elements

The 3D eyes were also used in other channels, such as print, events and on digital signs during football matches.


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